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The Public History Project

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The Public History Project
‘... it is all too sad as we were so devoted to each other’.
The Dear Mrs Pennyman project will train and support members of the public to undertake research into the women who wrote the letters to the King’s Own Scottish Borderers Widows and Orphans Fund. This is a rare opportunity to discover more about the lives of women who might otherwise remain invisible to history. By taking part in this project you will add to the knowledge of an important aspect of the past and enrich the understanding of this heritage.

We are looking for groups or individuals to take responsibility for researching one or more of the letter-writers. Also, if your interest lies with pension records you could share your knowledge of these valuable resources.

Members of Hawick Archaeological Society have provided information on Elizabeth Scott and their contribution will give you some ideas about what you might research.

Check out our News and Events page to find out about information evenings and talks.

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Geographical locations of the letters sent to Mary Pennyman

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