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29-03-2019 Event Reading with Middlesbrough Little Theatre Company
12-03-2019 Event Reading at Hexham Local History Society
11-03-2019 Event Talk
28-02-2019 Event Workshop in MIMA
25-02-2019 Event Exhibition in the Constantine Gallery
15-11-2018 Event Workshop in Hartlepool Library
14-11-2018 Event Public Talk
09-10-2018 News BBC Look North
01-10-2018 Event Exhibition in Ormesby Hall
13-07-2018 News Nigel Cooper writes about his great grandmother Mary Wardle
12-05-2018 Event Reading of the Pennyman letters
26-02-2018 Event Reading in Ormesby Hall
01-11-2017 Event Reading in Hartlepool Library
16-09-2017 Event Reading in Ormesby Hall
29-08-2017 News Carol Ellis writes about her great grandmother Mary Wright
11-05-2017 Event Reading in Stockton Central Library
10-05-2017 News Pat Brownbill writes about her research on Sarah Wilson
09-05-2017 News Newsletter No.2
28-02-2017 News Newsletter No. 1
24-02-2017 News Jane Ainsworth writes about her research for the project
30-01-2017 Event Reading at Ormesby Hall
26-01-2017 News Letters from Grieving Widows take Centre Stage
24-01-2017 News Emotional letters will reveal heartbreak of World War One widows
03-10-2016 Event Exhibition at mima
06-11-2015 News HLF: 'Dear Mrs Pennyman'
30-10-2015 News BBC: 'WW1 "agony aunt" letters found by Teesside University'.

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